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Concerts in the Woods

Laurel B. Johnson Community Center

923 Hazel Point Road

Coyle, WA 98376

14 miles out on the end of the beautiful Toandos Peninsula sits the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center operated by the Jefferson County Parks & Recreation District and the citizens of the Toandos Peninsula.  This facility offers a lovely community room with seating for 50+, a fireplace, and a full-service kitchen. The Toandos Peninsula is frequently called the "Coyle Peninsula" because the community of Coyle is located at the tip and occasionally it is called the "Dabob Peninsula" because it separates Dabob Bay from the rest of the Hood Canal. And it is also affectionately called "the end of the earth" by some of the residents who live way out here.  There are no services here in the woods like a gas station, restaurant or market, so come prepared. Whichever name you want to use, it's the perfect place to hear an intimate concert in a beautiful room "at the end of the earth."

Concerts are for all ages, featuring the best of folk, Americana, singer/songwriter, Appalachian, bluegrass, Celtic, blues, country and more!  Admission is by donation. Please join us.

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Our 100th show in the Concerts in the Woods series is coming on Saturday July 18th. And it's going to be a party!!!

This will be a special day for us and I want to do something extra to celebrate this milestone. I want to honor all the people who have helped to make this series such a big success: the Lauel B. Johnson Community Center Board who provides this excellent venue, the entertainment editors of the local papers, the radio hosts who have had our musicians on as guests, the staff at our local tourist information booths who distribute our brochures, and all of our audience friends who reliably come to support these shows. I plan to take a moment to publicly thank those special people who have worked to make this series known as a folk music destination in our community.

We will have cake and special treats. Save the date!

Plus we have a surprise band coming for this special day. To figure out who it is and to see all the other wonderful shows we are planning for our next 100 concerts, please check the “Upcoming Shows” page.