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Concerts in the Woods

Laurel B. Johnson Community Center

923 Hazel Point Road

Coyle, WA 98376

14 miles out on the end of the beautiful Toandos Peninsula sits the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center operated by the Jefferson County Parks & Recreation District and the citizens of the Toandos Peninsula.  This facility offers a lovely community room with seating for 50+, a fireplace, and a full-service kitchen. The Toandos Peninsula is frequently called the "Coyle Peninsula" because the community of Coyle is located at the tip and occasionally it is called the "Dabob Peninsula" because it separates Dabob Bay from the rest of the Hood Canal. And it is also affectionately called "the end of the earth" by some of the residents who live way out here.  There are no services here in the woods like a gas station, restaurant or market, so come prepared.  Whichever name you want to use, it's the perfect place to hear an intimate concert in a beautiful room "at the end of the earth."

Concerts are for all ages, featuring the best of folk, Americana, singer/songwriter, Appalachian, bluegrass, Celtic, blues, country and more!

Admission is by donation. Please join us.

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Thanks to the wonderful folks at Deli Radio we now have samples of the bands who play in our series.   Take a listen!

Concert Schedule

Friday May 2, 2014 at 7:30 PM       Correo Aereo

Latin American Music!

Correo Aereo (Air Mail) is an award winning acoustic multi-instrumental and vocal Latin/World Music Duo. They perform traditional music of Latin America: especially of Venezuela, Argentina & Mexico, as well as their own original music deeply inspired by swimming and playing in these ancient rivers of traditions while being alive to organic innovation.

Dr. Juan Tony Guzman, Head of the Jazz Dept. at Luther College writes: “Listening to their performance one can unite space and time across cultures.”


Saturday May 17, 2014 at 7:30 PM      The Village Idiots

Quilcene's own trio.

Guitar & Vocals, Banjo, & Bass.

Greg Brotherton
John Sanders
Franco Bertucci

The Village Idiots play new, old, and re-imagined twang with a drop of the hard stuff.

See their music video at:



Saturday June 7, 2014 at 7:30 PM              Sabrina & Craig

Troubadours of the Human Experience

Sabrina & Craig's signature sound is rooted in luscious harmonies that envelop the listener.  There heartfelt vocal connection is anchored by Craig's masterfully-crafted guitar voicings while Sabrina's bass, ukulele and percussion expand the dimension of their performances.


Saturday June 21, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Witherow

Witherow is an "up and coming" cornerstone in the northwest music scene. Based around Wintergrass veteran, Abby Mae, and Guitar Master Dillan Witherow with the skillful backing of excellent studio bassist Jason Taylor and tasteful electric guitar playing of Adam Bettger, Witherow is a movement that is bringing back timeless traditions with a sense of new life, which speaks to old and new souls alike. Abby Mae and Dillan Witherow have voices that weave together intricately and blend perfectly with an edge that is potent, and a tenderness that paints with soft colors, young love. With a youthful ear and seasoned musicianship, Witherow deals with life, death, and love, from a fresh perspective.

"Witherow is creating music with a unique sound that the world needs to hear." - Marcel Fernandez - Two time Grammy Nominee

Genre: Country Folk Rock


Saturday July 5, 2014 at 7:30 PM        Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson got his professional start with The Brothers Four in 1969. He began singing with Mike McCoy when they met at the University of Washington in 1965. Through the years Pearson has continued to develop an individual style both as a singer and as a songwriter. His latest solo project, "Following the Light," contains 23 original songs and illuminates both his unique vision and voice.


Saturday July 19, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Nathaniel Talbot

Singer / Songwriter / Fingerstyle Guitarist

Nathaniel combines complex finger-style guitar work with thoughtful, melodic vocal lines to create a sonic experience that is truly fresh and impactful.

With the new album “Here in the Fields” by the Nathaniel Talbot Quartet

“Challenging what folk music is capable of, Talbot’s powerful, uplifting voice harnesses a country twang complemented by lush acoustic finger-picking and a violin that feels like it was birthed next to a babbling brook in the mountains… Here in the Fields offers listeners a powerful glimpse into the singer’s life. It’s a pleasant treat to stumble upon something like this. A fantastic album from beginning to end” - Seattle Weekly


Saturday August 2, 2014 at 7:30 PM         Jean Mann

Since 2000, Jean has toured fairly constantly, locally and nationally, headlining house concerts, PNW festivals, and playing such iconic rooms as Yoshi's in San Francisco, the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, and CBGB's in New York. She has opened for Peter Himmelman and Blame Sally, and shared the stage with Laura Veirs (Rounder Records) and Vicci Martinez (The Voice).  She has garnered fans the likes of Cyndi Lauper and jazz sensation, Jacqui Naylor. It's no wonder. Jean gains hordes of happy ears wherever she performs her lilting musical prose; a truly soul-quenching voice in today's independent music scene.


Saturday August 16, 2014 at 7:30 PM           2 Bands!

     The Crichton Family Band

The Crichton Family Band is a surprise to audiences as well as to their parents. Not only do they manage to get along most of the time and play together as siblings, but their parents do not play instruments nor know much about music. However, they had a strong desire to give their children the gift of music despite their deficit. Little did they think their home school requirement to learn an instrument would blossom over the years to playing together for nursing homes, fund raisers, Fiddle Fest, and more. The children each play multiple instruments now, but excel in fiddle primarily. Old Time Fiddle music is a favorite and strong influence on their repertoire as well as encourages them to learn by ear. Along with fiddle music, the "C" Strings play hymns and other classic songs like Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Instrumental performances are their mainstay, but this year they have broadened their repertoire to include some vocals. They incorporate a variety of instruments like the acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, the piano, and even the cello in many of their songs. The youngest sibling, age 6, plays the cute-card for now, but we hope she joins the band soon. At 17, 15, 13, and 11 years of age, these siblings hope to bless others with their toe-tapping tunes.


+ + + PLUS + + +

The Cylwik Sisters

The Cylwik sisters have been singing and playing music together all their lives.  Determined to have his girls play the piano like both their grandmothers, their dad has had each take lessons from Grandma and developed their musical ear since age six and before.  Now they all play, sing and have added additional instruments to their skill set including the harp, ukulele, guitar, and the youngest is just learning the fiddle.  They enjoy lending harmony to a variety of songs from gospel, to country, to traditional and oldies.  They’ve shared their music in church, retirement homes, and community clubs.  From age 14 to 11 to 9, these homeschooled girls each bring their own style and interests to the music they arrange and share.

Saturday September 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM      FarmStrong

FarmStrong is an acoustic string band based on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State. The quartet brings over 150 years of performance experience between them, mixing a deep history of playing bluegrass, with country, blues and rock music. At the heart of their sound is sweet harmony singing… a crystalline sound, thick and sweet as molasses, and as smooth and soft as velvet. Backed by a highly adept combination of stringed instruments, the band’s singing and distinctive style of arranging songs from within and beyond the mountain country music tradition reflect a musical chemistry that suggests a group that has been collaborating for many years. Whether spinning a classic Stanley Brothers tune, an old Merle Haggard classic, or a Taj Mahal blues number, FarmStrong’s sound brings tears to your eyes, goose bumps to your skin, and a voice to your heart.


Saturday September 20, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Twisted Roots

Marty Kaler, Bob Lawrence-Markarian, Leo Bidne and Marilyn Kaler share their love of acoustic music that is "Boomer-friendly with a twist." Folk, bluegrass, Western Swing, Hawaiian and blues get a twisted update with finger-style guitar, dobro, banjo, lap steel, ukulele, percussion and bass.


Saturday October 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM           Eric Miller

                                                     (with Sabu and Anna)

"The thing about Eric Miller is that he is so likeable and so uniquely original at the same time. Normally, these traits are mutually exclusive. Early Bob Dylan was different from almost everything the pop music world had seen at the time. He was impressive, but likeable as a person? Not really. Miller's originality sort of sneaks up on you. You're humming along with his melody and enjoying the story quality in his songs and then you suddenly realize that you've never seen anyone like this before. His down-to-earth good nature comes across so well on stage that the audience lets his wild-streak pass without judgment. But later, when you think about his music and try to compare it to someone else's you come up pretty short. There's not really any other recording artist quite like Eric Miller. Sometimes Eric will conjure up a particular songwriter or singer but that's only for one or two songs. Miller's material has such a wide range of musical style and lyrical subject matter that he pretty much defies comparison.

Miller often adds a solid backup band to his performance, but with or without an ensemble, once he starts singing the audience is captivated. His lyrics and the story are delivered so well that the listener becomes caught up in the song itself. Listening to Eric Miller is a flat-out good time. He combines genres in a totally refreshing way, taking American Folk and blending it with the subtleties of Rock, Country, and Blues. He provides authentic musical experiences to a variety of listeners. Whether dancing to an upbeat tune or soaking in the intricate lyrics of narrative prose, audiences delight in Eric's honest cordiality and impeccable musicianship." - James Riordan, Author of The Platinum Rainbow: How to Succeed in the Music Business...Without Selling Your Soul and the N.Y. Times Bestseller, Break on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison.


Saturday October 18, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Curtis and Loretta

On tour from Minnesota

Curtis & Loretta's music comes straight from the heart. The husband and wife duo's extraordinary harmonies and proficiency on a parade of stringed instruments create an alluring frame for their poignant original songs, and carefully chosen traditional pieces from the British Isles, America, and beyond. The current menagerie includes Celtic harp, mandocello, mandolin, guitars, clawhammer banjo, and National steel ukulele, plus a bit of kazoo, harmonica, and shakers.

www.curtisandloretta com

Saturday November 8, 2014 at 7:30 PM

        Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

McGraw spent a decade as a wildlife biologist, working everywhere from Mexico to the Grand Canyon. Fer logged some time in Spain, where she studied music and local culture. Together, the two songwriters have built a music career on those travels, funneling everything - the characters they met, the things they saw, the sounds they heard, the stories they learned - into a mix of rich, detailed folk music and rootsy Americana.


Saturday November 22, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Pepper Proud

From the heart of Greenbrier Valley and those Eastern Appalacian Rolling Hills,

Pepper Proud was raised surrounded by a thriving arts community in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Her musical adventure began with devotion for the Performance Arts- participating in rock bands, jazz bands, show choirs, theater, guitar lessons, marching bands, campfires, dance classes, front porch jams and back porch jams- she developed a style unique to her desire to communicate- with the emotion of meaningful melodies.


Saturday December 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM      Anna Tival

from Portland, Oregon

Anna Tivel's wide-eyed celestial folk songs belong in a similar ballpark with Anais Mitchell, Gregory Alan Isakov and Laura Veirs, where gentle picking plucks among occasionally unconventional sounds and a gorgeous voice tells stories of life in a world of natural wonders. The resulting music is incredibly honest, lyric-driven, and deeply affecting.


Saturday December 20, 2014 at 7:30 PM

                Lynne Ferguson

Lynne Ferguson has been playing music for a living all her life. Her past work with Taj Mahal has influenced her singing style. She has been fortunate enough to perform and record with some of the finest and best-known acoustic players in the world. Her first CD, Double Stop, produced by Mark O’Connor, included players Jerry Douglas, Buddy Spicher, and Mark O’Connor. Her second, Out of the Blue, included Ferlin Huskey Jr. and Eddie Bayers as the perfect rhythm section, as well as Kathy Chiavola singing stunning harmony. With her 13th recording, Lynne has released a CD of original material backed by Nashville’s finest – David Grier, Brent Truitt, Kathy Chiavola, Viktor Krauss, Billy Constible, and Robert Battaglia. This show will feature songs from her latest EP “Wintersongs” and will be a benefit for the Native Horsemanship Youth Program, www.nativehorsemanship.org


Saturday January 3, 2015 at 7:30 PM    available

Saturday January 17, 2015 at 7:30 PM   The Blackberry Bushes

The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the world, and the Mississippi River is the most musical river ever known. Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach may have met in the rainy bottom of the Puget Sound, but their music is vibrantly infused with the essence of the homes they wandered west from. The Blackberry Bushes draw from these deep roots of American traditional music to create a playful and resonant sound with both twang and sophistication.  Joyful singing and enchanting songwriting are supported by carefully constructed soundscapes that feature virtuosic fiddle.

“Their blend of traditional Bluegrass and Folk elements with more contemporary sounds has an appeal not seen since Nickel Creek or The Be Good Tanyas.” (Joseph Kyle The Big Takeover)

The Blackberry Bushes have that rare magic that allows them to artfully fuse sounds from many genres into a string instrumentation that retains distinct threads of sonic color. This is a daredevil sound that is delicate, bold, and like their thorny namesake, rooted and growing, growing, growing.


Saturday February 7, 2015 at 7:30 PM   The Fire Inside

The Fire Inside performs smoldering Celtic music with heel-clicking intensity. Drawing from a collection of traditional and trend-setting influences, The Fire Inside will stoke your musical fire with their fiddle, uilleann pipes, bodhran, whistles, guitar, concertina, mandolin and scorching vocals.


Saturday February 21, 2015 at 7:30 PM   Carrie Clark

An Oregon native weaned on classics by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, the Beach Boys and ABBA, Carrie Clark immersed herself in music at an early age, teaching herself to play piano and guitar, and writing her own songs. Her diverse musical palette is unsurprising given her wide-ranging performance background: since moving to Seattle, her ventures have included an indie pop ensemble, a folk duo, and a jazz big band. She's also proven adept at sharing stages with myriad artists, appearing on bills with Laura Veirs, Mark Olsen of the Jayhawks, Basia Bulat, and Portland's notorious Vagabond Opera.


Saturday March 7, 2015 at 7:30 PM     Br’er Rabbit

Folk-stomp Americana from the Pacific NW. Debut full-length album THE WILD NORTH available now.

Bellingham, WA   


Friday April 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM           Claude Bourbon

Medieval & Spanish blues

Guitar & Song

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Russian stylings into uncharted territories. Each year Bourbon plays more than 100 shows around the world. Experience an evening of exploration in the unique ambience of the Thumb !

Born in France in the early 60’s, Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland, where he was classically trained. This finger picking guitarist has performed and studied all over the world; he has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical and jazz, with ethereal Eastern influences, Spanish and Latin elements with strains of Western folk.

"Never heard anyone get that much beautiful sound out of a J-45", Bob, Tucson, AZ

“Do you know what Medieval guitar sounds like? I didn’t either ‘til I hooked up with Claude! This is some cool stuff, and he’s French and everything!” Dolores River Brewery, Dolores, CO

“…This accomplished artist offers tender, compelling performance through highly developed precision. His sound instantly creates ambience – from haunting Spanish moods to lyrical, romantic jazz, Claude Bourbon provides both a rich evening of music for lovers, and a real treat for music lovers…”, BBC, UK


Saturday June 27, 2015 at 7:30 PM      Hungrytown

Hungrytown is the musical and married duo of Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson. They have released two highly acclaimed CDs, Hungrytown (2008) and Any Forgotten Thing (2011), both of which continue to receive much airplay on folk and Americana stations worldwide. Rebecca and Ken tour full time; their adventures have taken them throughout the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. Their songs have been performed by many other artists, including Nashville songwriting legend David Olney and bluegrass veterans the Virginia Ramblers. Hungrytown’s music has also appeared on several television shows, including the Independent Film Channel’s hit series, Portlandia.


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